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Working with private individuals and clients across all sectors, we guide people and teams through complex challenges and conflict.


The people, teams and leaders we work with tell us that they want to do better – both personally and professionally. They want better relationships and a sense of common purpose that guides them towards shared goals.

A breakdown in communication, a disagreement or absence of trust can easily distract and hinder people from achieving their aims.

We know how to prevent the conflict that can arise from working in diverse teams. We also have deep experience of resolving conflict when it does happen. 

Our proven methods for transforming workplace cultures and managing disputes are unique, innovative and bespoke.

Whether it’s prevention or cure that you need, The Resolution Centre can help.


We work with:


  • Boards, Executives, Senior Leaders and Business Teams in private and commercial business
  • Teams and departments across the public sector
  • Private individuals, couples and families
  • Charities, social enterprises and third sector organisations


What is Mediation?

In simple terms it is a different method of resolving a dispute that doesn’t resort to formal grievance procedures, tribunals, or legal action. You may have also heard mediation referred to as Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Why choose mediation?

Mediation is confidential, independent, impartial and voluntary. It is a shorter, more satisfying and often less expensive way to resolve disputes. Control of the outcome remains with the participants.

What about confidentiality?

Mediation is a confidential process. Before any mediation can happen, all participants must sign an agreement which outlines their and our responsibilities in regards to confidentiality.

Why is mediation successful?

Mediation is about people working together to find solutions rather than focusing on who’s right and who’s wrong. As long as all participants make every effort in good faith, then our experience is that a successful outcome will be reached.

Recent insight from the Centre for Effective Dispute Resolution (CEDR), states that the overall success rate of mediation remains very high at 89%.

Is mediation binding?

Although mediation is not legally binding, courts are very supportive where mediation has been part of trying to reach a mutually acceptable outcome. Equally, courts take a dim view where the terms of a mediation agreement have been broken.

What can I expect?

Working with us you will always be supported by a professionally accredited and experienced mediator.

We won’t tell you what to do and we won’t take sides.

Our role as mediators is to support each participant to tell their side of the story in a safe, psychological space. We will ask questions and help you to explore different ways of seeing things, with the ultimate goal of finding a way forward that is acceptable to all parties.

Simplistically, it’s our process and your content.

Will you work with my lawyer too?

If you would like your lawyer to be present during mediation, we will work with them in a structured way as part of our process.

Lawyer-assisted mediation is useful when there are complex legal or contractual issues to be resolved. 

How many people can be involved in a mediation?

Mediation is typically viewed as being between two or three individuals. It is important that anyone who needs to participate is included – so there is no real limit, as this ensures the best possible outcome.

We have the expertise and experience to work with multi-parties and large teams – bringing people together to establish shared goals, build deep trust and agree on new ways of working together.


We use a blend of mediation, facilitation, and coaching techniques to help you achieve your goals.


We support people to develop the skills required to manage conflict and difficult situations themselves. In doing so, we improve relationships, positively impact performance and aid better wellbeing. 


Our role is one of independence, impartiality, and confidentiality, and we operate without prejudice. This allows us to create a safe space for individuals to talk openly, allowing them to address the real issues.


After working with us, our clients tell us they have:

  • Seen their performance strengthen
  • Experienced improved wellbeing
  • Discovered shared goals
  • Built trust to another level

Whether you want to do things differently, need help with professional relationships, are looking for a cultural overhaul or want to clear up a personal dispute, we can help you be at your best.


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