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Mediation is about people working together to find solutions rather than focusing on who’s right and who’s wrong. It works in all contexts – from families to multi-million pound construction disputes.

Supporting people to find a way forward when things go wrong is part of what we do. Conflict affects our everyday lives. It is present at home, in business, in the boardroom and in our communities.

Using our proven methods, we help people and teams work through their issues. By encouraging collaborative working, your problems are solved by finding outcomes that are agreeable to everyone involved. This approach helps people to see things differently and leads to better relationships.

Our expertise. Your outcome.

We help you problem solve and make decisions together.

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Mediation can be a short, satisfying and cost-effective way of solving a disagreement.

Our aim is to help you agree a way forward and we do that by being independent and impartial. We won’t tell you what to do and we won’t take sides.

In a typical mediation we will:

  • Meet each person individually to hear their story
  • A group mediation session or sessions is agreed.
  • We mediate the group session with all participants present.
  • We support you create a settlement agreement in the mediation session.



Our academy offers professional mediation and mediation skills training courses. 

In addition to our programme of lunchtime learning sessions and CPD events, we also develop bespoke courses for our clients in response to their specific needs.