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We help people to engage positively with conflict, maintain their professional standards,
and contribute to developing the field of alternative resolution in Jersey.

If you want to develop your mediation, coaching, and facilitation skills, The Resolution Centre is here to help. With us you can learn new techniques, advance your expertise and, if it appeals to you, build a career as a professional mediator.

Anyone with an interest in alternative dispute resolution is welcome to join and members have access to a wealth of benefits and member-only resources.

Whether you’re relatively new to mediation or are an experienced practitioner, we have a membership that’s right for you.

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There are three types of membership to choose from: Associate, Member, and Specialist.

As with any talent, it is important to maintain your mediation knowledge and skills. Our Accreditation Pathways help you to renew your status as a trained mediator.

With our help, you can continue to meet the standards expected in mediation practice.

Using the approach of Scottish Mediation, we have developed two Accreditation Pathways. Both pathways promote nine expected practice standards and have required activities relevant to your chosen pathway. Once the activities required for each standard are complete, your relevant status is renewed.

Choose the pathway that’s best for you by using the tables below.

If you hold a Professional Certificate in Mediation and Mediation Skills and want to renew it, you can do so by choosing either pathway. If you hold an alternative mediation qualification and would like to gain professional accreditation, get in contact and we’ll help you choose the best pathway for you.



Mediators must complete mediation training and receive a satisfactory assessment.

Mediation training must total at least 40 hours with a minimum of 20 hours used for practical exercise. Formal assessment is essential and must include observation of mediation practice through role play.


Mediators must support at least four mediations every two years and not for less than 12 hours in the past year.

Family mediators must also comply with practice standards set by Relationship Scotland. For community mediators, the practice standards are set by the Scottish Community Mediation Network.


Mediators on the Practitioner pathway must undertake a minimum of 12 hours mediating in the past 24 months.

Working on the principle for the number of mediations required under experience, we look for a mediator to achieve a rolling average of 6 hours per 12-month period.


Portfolios must include your training certification, a log of your mediations/mediation hours, a CPD log, proof of insurance, and your annual training and development plan.

Additionally, anyone on the Practitioner pathway must include five client references, five pieces of practice-based reflection, and proof of membership to a recognised professional mediation body.


Those on the Practitioner pathway must complete a minimum of 36 hours of continuing professional development (CPD) every 24 months. For those on the Professional pathway, the minimum is 24 hours of CPD every 24 months.

CPD may include seminars, supervision, monitoring, mentoring, shadowing, and peer review.


As a minimum, mediators must show understanding of and practice in accordance with Scottish Mediation Guidelines for the Practice of Mediation in Scotland.

This Code forms a baseline for the conduct of all forms of mediation.


Mediators must be able to evidence a written procedure for addressing concerns and handling complaints.


Mediators must have appropriate insurance in place for any mediation activities undertaken.


The Resolution Centre draws on all of these standards to assess you and verify your practice standards.

Assessment involves practical demonstration of competence together with verification of your portfolio.


Our range of round table CPD seminars are specially designed to help you:  


  • Build competence and understanding of key mediation skills and theories
  • Practice and refine your skills in a safe environment,
  • Reflect on your own and others’ mediation practice
  • Network with other mediation practitioners and professionals


See what seminars we have coming up and secure your place today.

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