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Clair Cousins

28 March 2020

As another day in these weird and uncertain times passes, I find myself considering one of the big challenges that staying at home presents…

People are more effective when communication is open and there is mutual understanding. We promote human connection and face-to-face conversations.

So how do you maintain healthy human connection when we must converse virtually? – through email, Zoom, Skype, FaceTime or for the real old-timers, via telephone? What happens when the novelty wears off, we stop conversing and fear sets in?

What happens when fear and worry set in?

Photo by Freestocks on Unsplash

Will my Mum, Dad, relative be okay if I can’t support them?

How can I make my elderly relative listen to the advice and understand?

My job is at risk and who can I talk to about this?

I’m shut in with my family and partner. How will I cope? I was planning to leave before this happened.

My business won’t survive this. How do I support my family?

How will the doctors choose who gets treatment and who doesn’t?

I share parenting with my ex. What happens if I’m isolated and it’s their turn?

These are big questions and they will be common. The situation will cause stress and it will impact all our lives in ways we don’t yet realise.

People are more effective when communication is open and there is mutual understanding.

The good news is there are simple steps you can take now to improve things at home. Try to establish clear boundaries, agree to play nice and give permission for time out when things get tense. Agreeing and setting some ground rules will help you.


There may be times when it’s all too much and you need to speak with someone outside of your own four walls though. We are here to support you if that need arises. We’re a neutral 3rd party with expertise in supporting people in time of high stress.  We can help you manage your situation and improve your outcomes.

Our mediation, facilitation and coaching skills may be the right prescription for you during these crazy times. 

What big issues do you think families will need help with following social isolation and lockdown?