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Working with people across all sectors, we guide people and teams through complex challenges, opportunities, problems, and conflict. We foster collaboration that transforms decision-making with innovation, towards greater viability and prosperity.

To support our process, we create a useful and safe space through your agreeing on how we will work together; these are the basics that allow the process to work well and build trust between everyone towards achieving a common goal, and help learning and experience about how future working together will be sustained well.

We ask you to agree to these things, which summarise our full Participant Agreement that we may talk through with you. After reading, please use the button below to return and complete registration.



1. I’m willing and able to make every effort in good faith and fully engage in the process, as is reasonably expected of and by everyone, including those commissioning the process.

2. I accept the facilitator/s as independent participants, not acting for any individual in the process, able to challenge and guide all participants towards the agreed goal.

3. I understand that I can withdraw from The Resolution Centre’s process at any time (in writing), in which case their process will end for me.

4. I’ll help make sure that there are sufficient participants and participants with sufficient authority to agree to any outcomes, suspending hierarchy for this process.

5. I understand that no agreement made is binding until set out in writing and signed by all Participants.

6. I’ll pause, and/or not develop or start any separate organisational or formal process that relate to the nub of the matter for anyone, except as agreed together.

7. I’ll get everything on the table, writing a candid personal narrative if requested – reflecting how I personally see things now and need to see things going forward.

8. I’ll keep confidential all information and not use for any ulterior purpose all information arising from the process in perpetuity, or until we all agree otherwise; facilitators conversations with each participant remains confidential to them other than that such conversations are taking place, or about any safeguarding or legal disclosure issues.

9. I agree that all such information is without prejudice, however communicated.

10. I won’t record audio, or video of the process, respecting the privacy and confidentiality of the process

11. I’ll treat the confidential nature of the process with the utmost seriousness, in line with those commissioning who may treat any breach as gross misconduct.

12. I recognise this as a binding agreement, not affecting any of my rights that may exist, governed by, construed, and take effect in accordance with Jersey law.